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Common questions answered...

  • How much does your service cost?

The majority of our services are bespoke and as such we don't have a set price. We are certainly not the most expensive in the market however, our price reflects our commitment to ensuring you have the best possible service and ingredients provided. Contact us for a quote.

  • How much deposit do you require?

Depending on the service, we require between £100 - £250 to secure the booking. For wedding services or larger events, we require a 20% deposit.

  • Is the deposit refundable?

The deposit is refundable within 14 days of confirming the booking. If  a cancellation is made after this time, we reserve the right to keep the deposit.

  • When is the final payment due?

Final payment for the majority of services is due two week prior to the event.

  • What if our numbers fall or rise after the initial quote?

We will adjust the price accordingly up to two weeks prior to the event. Price per head may differ if numbers fall or rise due to the nature of some of our products. 

  • Do you cater for dietary requirements?

We endeavor to cater for all dietary requirements which are confirmed with us two weeks prior to the event. The majority of the time, we account for this in our initial costing, we try not to charge any extra unless the ingredients required are higher priced than usual.

  • Which geographical areas do you cater?

We cover the whole of the Grampian region. We will cater outwith if required subject to extra charge for travel/time.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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